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Tue Mar 21, 2023
Sun Mar 19, 2023
Over the years the PRM marine gearbox range has been improved and the model numbers have been changed. If you have an older PRM model still in service please refer to the appropriate new model number for more information. The blog provides a list of oldder PRM gearboxes that are no longer in production. The table shows when the production of the gearbox ceased and the current equivalent gearbox mode.
Sat Mar 11, 2023
ZF Marine is a leading manufacturer of marine transmissions, and they offer a wide range of gearbox models to suit different types of boats and engines. The wide range of gearboxs provide red by ZF Marine: The gearbox models are all compact and lightweight, making them a good choice for smaller boats where space is at a premium. They are also durable and reliable, with many years of proven performance in the marine industry.
Mon Jan 16, 2023
If you notice your engine emitting blue smoke from the exhaust it could just be a sign your overfilling the sump for your particular engine configuration. Keeping oil topped up to the dipstick maximum may be causing excessive oil splash which then results in higher oil consumption and worrying exhaust blue smoke.
Wed Jan 4, 2023
"De-smoking kit" includes extensive work on the injection pump and the supply of solenoid valve and associate fuel pipes. It works by starting the engine on only 3 cylinders that have to work extra-hard to drag the other 3 cylinders along, thus warming up the three firing cylinders to get rid of the white smoke in just a few seconds.
Wed Jan 4, 2023
With dunked engines the main thing is prompt action. Every day you delay makes things more difficult. We saved a pair of 8.3 litre Cummins engines that went under a few years ago and though it took a couple of days to recover the boat and start drying out, within another day we had them running again, since when they have given little consequential trouble.
Tue Jan 3, 2023
PRM Newage 125 Gearbox: Simple mechanical operation, lightweight, compact & rugged. The PRM125 gearbox is designed for use in pleasure craft where a simple lightweight transmission is required. The cone clutches for both ahead and astern are mechanically operated and require no adjustment. The gearbox is purpose built to operate with standard rotation engines.
Sat Dec 31, 2022
Shaft Lok provides a means to safely lock the propeller from spinning whilst sailing. This ensures noise from a spinning prop and shafting is eliminated. A spinning prop can also build up heat in the transmission and lead to unnecessary wear. Long term freewheeling will wear all drive train components unnecessarily.
Thu Aug 25, 2022
Latch release cylinder for 80-91 series sterndrives has not been available for many years To release the latch in order to allow the power lift to work, we suggest drilling a little hole in one of the forks of the latch, attaching a thin cord to it and running it to a convenient point above waterline where you can pull it to release the latch. When removing the failed cylinder and hose, the distribution block will need to be plugged with a 3/8" UNF plug.
Thu Jul 21, 2022
Ford Sabre 250HP engines A-spec 1984 and earlier, that get condensation in oil when used at low power for lengthy periods.
The piston spray oil cooler is plumbed in the raw water circuit, very much because the engines were initially built with racing and high-performance sports cruisers like the Fairey Huntsman in mind.
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