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Ford 2700 De-Smoking Kit

Posted: 4 January 2023

"De-smoking kit" includes extensive work on the injection pump and the supply of solenoid valve and associate fuel pipes. It works by starting the engine on only 3 cylinders that have to work extra-hard to drag the other 3 cylinders along, thus warming up the three firing cylinders to get rid of the white smoke in just a few seconds.

The other 3 cylinders are activated when you shift into gear. When you come back to your mooring, you leave the engine running till you hear the engine go down on to 3 cylinders, so the other three are dry of fuel, ready for the next start-up.

To determine if this will be effective for you, you can perform the following test:-

  1. Loosen off the front three injection pipes about half a turn where they are connected to the top of the injection pump. Wrap some rag around them to avoid making too much mess.
  2. With the engine cold, set the speed control at about half speed and fire the engine up and observe how quickly the white smoke disappears.
  3. If you agree this is effective, set the engine at the firing point for No.1 cylinder by reference to the timing marks inside the plugged hole in the injection pump mounting plate (see workshop manual).
  4. Mark the pump mount and the back of the timing casing with centre-pop marks so you know precisely where the pump was set, and disconnect and remove the pump to send in to us. DO NOT ROTATE the engine till you have re-fitted the pump.

We normally turn pumps round in about 10 days. Please contact Data@LancingMarine.com / Information Request if you have any questions on this procedure.

Images courtesy of Mark Wilton / Fariy Fantome

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