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Sun Apr 16, 2023
Gearbox repair & servicing. Diagnose gearbox faults. Engine Servicies: Engine rebuild and restoration. Fuel injector and pump servicing and testing. Gas, arc, Mig & Tig welding fabrication.
Mon Jan 16, 2023
If you notice your engine emitting blue smoke from the exhaust it could just be a sign your overfilling the sump for your particular engine configuration. Keeping oil topped up to the dipstick maximum may be causing excessive oil splash which then results in higher oil consumption and worrying exhaust blue smoke.
Tue Jan 3, 2023
PRM Newage 125 Gearbox: Simple mechanical operation, lightweight, compact & rugged. The PRM125 gearbox is designed for use in pleasure craft where a simple lightweight transmission is required. The cone clutches for both ahead and astern are mechanically operated and require no adjustment. The gearbox is purpose built to operate with standard rotation engines.
Thu Jul 21, 2022
Ford Sabre 250HP engines A-spec 1984 and earlier, that get condensation in oil when used at low power for lengthy periods.
The piston spray oil cooler is plumbed in the raw water circuit, very much because the engines were initially built with racing and high-performance sports cruisers like the Fairey Huntsman in mind.
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