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Polly-Vee Serpentine Belt Alternator Upgrade Mounting Kit

Posted: 1 February 2024

Introducing a Serpentine Polly-Vee second alternator drive tailored for Ford 2700/2720 Sabre, Lehman, and similar engines, facilitating the seamless installation of a high-capacity alternator. This meticulously crafted drive system integrates an additional 8-groove Poly-V pulley onto the existing Crankshaft Pulley, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the existing Vee-Belt-driven Engine Alternator.

Recent online discourse underscores a growing demand for high-capacity alternators to fortify domestic power supplies. Traditional Vee-Belts, constrained by their load-handling capabilities, typically cap at 80A. Historically, we relied on dual pulley setups. Now, we proudly present a modern Serpentine Poly-Vee belt adaptation designed specifically for Ford Dover and Dorset engines.

Our offerings include two distinct designs: the LM-SerpKit_MK1 tailored for Ford Dorset 2700 series engines, featuring a steel front timing cover, and the LM-SerpKit_MK2 crafted for later Ford 2720 series engines with a cast aluminum front timing cover. Remarkably, the MK2 design is compatible with Ford Dorset 2700 series engines as well.

Comprehensive bracketry for alternator mounting is provided, accompanied by spacers and packing to ensure precise fore and aft alignment relative to the crank-mounted Poly-Vee pulley. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to adapt the Crank pulley mounting, allowing for a forward adjustment of up to 20mm. Each kit is custom-made with a two-week turnaround from order to ex-works supply, with an estimated cost of £440 per kit.

Both designs support alternators with capacities of up to 200A, typically ranging from 100A to 150A. In addition to our proprietary design, we also offer Balmar Poly-Vee kits and high-capacity alternators.Furthermore, we provide new alternators (12 & 24V) from stock and Sterling Power regulators to ensure accurate 14V battery charging. Notably, machine-sensed voltage at the alternator may lead to undercharged batteries due to longer cable runs in marine applications compared to automotive setups.

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